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Digital Prints For An Amazing Low Price!

Digital Prints For An Amazing Low Price!

Great quality for your even greater memories

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Preserve your memories - on brilliant, glossy photo paper! 


Glossy photo paper:


  • Proven picture quality
  • Bold colors
  • Attractive offers

The following formats are compatible with the photo uploader: JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP and PNG
Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of your photos

Your digital camera will generally capture and store your photos with a 3:4 aspect ratio.
With a picture format of 4" x 6", the image would be cropped.

Alternatively, the format can be reduced to the point where the whole image remains visible.

The format is then equivalent to a size of 4" x approx. 5.12".

Please take notice:

You can also order your prints through our free desktop software, this way you can choose between the different aspect ratios. If the prints are ordered through our online photo service, the 3:4 aspect ratio will be automatically selected.

$ 0.07 *
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